All our shipping orders are sent in one of our two insulated shipping systems (curbside recyclable Renewliner insulation or compostable Green Cell Foam insulation). Additionally, we include dry ice and ice packs to ensure your order stays as cold as possible during transit.

Renewliner is a curbside recyclable insulated shipping system. To recycle, simply place in curbside recycling bin. Sourced from the globe’s most recyclable plastic, PET. Recognized by the Cold Chain Global Forum as one of the most sustainable temperature-controlled systems. Manufactured from a true closed-loop material by extracting waste from current waste streams for a highly recycled product.


Green Cell Foam is a unique natural, environmentally friendly packaging material made from corn that dissolves with water. Simply compost, or run water over liners in the sink to dissolve. Made with 100% all-natural, non-GMO U.S. grown corn, helping to reduce Greenhouse Gases, landfill disposals, reliance on fossil fuels & more. Produces 80% less greenhouse gas and uses 70% less energy to produce overall.